It’s Your Fault Your Mortgage Business Owns You

May 11, 2021 |

The mortgage industry has held up its end of the bargain…

Now it’s time you follow through on your promise.

You enjoy making good money.

And, you like the sense of security money provides you.

But, it’s time that you let your mortgage business do its thing.

You are not a Loan Officer…

You are a person with dreams of living a LIFE, not just surviving in one.

It’s time you heal your attachment to your mortgage business.

Allow it to be just one of many things you do that makes you money.

Let’s go back to the day you first got licensed. You knew that you would succeed in this industry. You envisioned scaling your business and eventually removing yourself from the process itself. In your free time, you would take on new hobbies and make new friends. Making money is only one small portion of what you do with your life.

Most of us never live up to this vision we once had. And, it’s nobody’s fault but your own. You are the one choosing to work the hours you do. Your phone rings all day because you told people to call you. You don’t have time for your hobbies and dreams because you don’t make time.

Please don’t dismiss what I am saying here…

I too used to hustle through life making money and frantically trying to be better and better every day.

Until I realized that nobody was forcing me to live this way.

So, I looked for help. I wanted my life back. It’s never too late. But, waiting doesn’t help anything.

Are you tired of wasting your life? I get it. And, you can change this. I can help you.

Do you have an unhealthy attachment to your mortgage business? This may be the problem. I can help you get past this.