Crushing it! …But what’s your hourly?

October 27, 2020 | ,

You are crushing it!

This year has exceeded your expectations.

You think, “Wow! Business is booming!”

And… What’s your hourly wage?

So, you’re making great money…

But, at what expense?

We have about 100 hours each week to live our lives. How many of those hours are you working?

At the beginning of your Mortgage career, you are laser-focused. You recognized the opportunity ahead and you were going to give it everything you had. Those first few months are a blur. You experience highs and lows, along with excitement and fear. In the end, you succeed. Business starts building momentum and you find your position in the industry.

The next few years are a very different story…

Work becomes overwhelming. Opportunity is everywhere and you don’t want to ignore it… but you are too busy! In between clients, you are dreaming about the money that is coming in. You picture yourself buying that new car, going on that vacation, and buying that vacation house. Life is good.

A few more years go by… And not much has changed. Sure, your income has increased. And, your referrals are almost 2X what they were last year. But, what about life? Is your life different? The business has 2X’d… Has your life 2X’d?

Work is work. Money is money. It’s time to get down to business.

You only get one life. Each day that goes by is a day that you did or didn’t do what you wanted to do. So, why not build a business that amplifies your life instead of your bank account?

It is time to get obsessed with your hourly wage. How much money can you make in how little time? Can you get your hourly wage above $1,000 per hour? What about $3,000 per hour?

This is the way to live. How much money can you make in how little time? Life is meant to be lived. Working is just a means of funding your fulfillment.

So, what is your hourly wage?

Is it where you want it to be?

If getting your hourly wage up is important to you, I can help. Click here to schedule a call.