why LOs may be unhappy

July 20, 2021 |

What if it’s the pursuit of happiness that makes you unhappy?

Happiness is just a feeling… like the feeling of stress, overwhelm, and excitement.

Feelings were created to serve you.

Feelings alert you when you are in agreement or experiencing conflict with what is happening in your life.

These emotions guide you towards your purpose and away from things that harm your ability to self-actualize.

Feelings are temporary and are designed to come and go as you need guidance.

So, pursuing happiness as a state of being might be impossible.

Instead, pursue opportunities that result in the feeling of happiness.

Understanding your emotions is the key to experiencing peace and contentment. Awareness of your emotions is the second step in my self-mastery program. Why did I choose to teach this skill so early in the process? Because everyone can recognize the presence of their emotions and feelings.

Emotions are the result of your thoughts, beliefs, and agreements. They happen at the very end of the process of your human experience. So, if one wants to be in control of their emotions, you must start with the feeling itself and then work your way backward through the process of the mind.

This is why the pursuit of happiness can possibly lead to feelings of unhappiness. The idea that you can experience a feeling at all times goes against our divine design. These feelings are designed to be temporary to guide you towards your purpose.

Instead of dreaming of a life where you constantly experience the feeling of happiness…

It may serve you better to understand the benefit of this feeling.

Why does this make me happy?

What other things make me happy?

Is happiness the only feeling I should be pursuing?

There are so many feelings that have been created to serve you… could those feelings be guiding you towards your purpose as well?

Self-mastery is the key to going to the “next level.” I know because I used to feel trapped. It was mastering myself that set me free and made work and life effortless. Want to learn more? Let’s jump on a Zoom call.