Top LOs are Unhappy

September 7, 2021 |

If you’re “closer” to success now, why do you feel further away?

You see other entrepreneurs who seem to have it all figured out. Why don’t you?

Despite your success, you wonder… is this all there is?

Guess what…?

This feeling is normal, and it’s telling you something…

You’re finally ready to do life the way you were meant to.

You see, your continuous desire for more is part of your divine design… and it’s not going to stop until you start living in a way that honors that.

It’s your divine design that motivates you to keep searching for more success, more connection, more freedom, and more impact.

But your divine design isn’t a goal or a place… it’s a way of being in the world.

And now it’s your turn to learn how to live in your design.

3 ways to discover your divine design and how to use it.

1. The stories you believe might not be true

Throughout your whole life, you have always been able to find a way. When the story stopped working, you found a new one to believe. This is the case for most successful business people. Life becomes a continuous game of becoming better. When it comes to making money, this method works. The problem is that all it produces is financial success. This relentless pursuit can become exhausting and doesn’t always result in happiness.

The result of this never-ending hustle is a series of stories that enslave you to a life of more and more work. But, have you ever stopped to ask yourself if these stories are true? Sure, they make you money, but are they true? And, if so, true for who?

You may like to think that life consists of work and the continuous pursuit of wealth but the reality is that’s a story you decided to believe. Chances are that you weren’t designed to be on this earth to show everyone how much you can work and how much money you have. There are other stories that speak to your purpose, and those are the stories worth exploring.

2. Misinterpreting your desires

Your desires are part of your human design. You have been designed to be passionate about certain things and that passion is what the world needs from you. These desires help you fulfill your life’s purpose and listening to them is the key to living a meaningful life.

However, you may be misinterpreting your desires. The motives originate from your design, but where you go wrong is using your knowledge to make an action plan. Your knowledge is man-made and based on your interpretation of your past. This practice of learning from the past and other people makes your knowledge potentially inaccurate.

The end result is that you may be corrupting your desires with outside influences. Rather than satisfying your divine design, you may be satisfying society’s version. By corrupting your desires with outside influence, you end up carrying out the work of the world rather than doing the work that honors your divine purpose. This is one explanation as to why your work never feels like enough to satisfy you.

3. Misinterpreting your emotions

You can also corrupt your interpretation of feelings and emotions. Corrupting your ability to use your emotions has a big impact on your life as your current emotions are the most usable example of your divine design in action. Your emotions mean something but probably not what you are telling yourself they mean.

Let’s use negative self-talk as an example. You make a mistake and proceed to punish yourself for doing so. “I can’t believe I wasted that opportunity. I should have known that this was out of my league. I always do this. Maybe I’m just not made to be good at this.” The emotions that follow don’t feel good and you conclude that you are ashamed and unworthy. The reality could be different. The divine emotion may not be shame and unworthiness. What if the bad feeling following the self-talk is actually a reminder NOT to talk to yourself like that? What if it’s a reminder to love yourself and show yourself grace?

Emotions are meaningful. And we have control over what they mean to us. It’s rare that emotion is felt to make you suffer and hide. The reality is that they were created to guide you towards honoring your divine design and fulfilling your purpose.

Are YOU unhappy? Do you want more? Shoot me a message here, I might have something for you.