tired of telling yourself “the” story?

November 17, 2020 |

You bought “the” house.

“The” car is in the garage.

Business has been so good, you have even considered buying a second or third home one day.

You’re working 50-60 hour weeks, some nights… and even weekends.

You don’t see your family and friends much anymore.

Your last vacation was far too short and even then you worked a few hours each day.

This story can go on for years.

You tell yourself things like:

  • It’s worth it!
  • Just a few more years like this and then I’ll hire some help.
  • I’m doing this for my family.
  • My life is so great! Look at all the stuff I have!
  • I am a hard worker! It’s in my DNA.
  • If I just have _______ in the bank, then I’ll relax a bit.


This is a trap.

It’s called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.

How much is enough?

If all you have is money and you spend all of your time at work… What do you have?

Put an end to this story.

Nobody is forcing you to live this way.

That tension you feel… The frustration that has been building… This is a sign that something needs to change. Your body is telling you that it has had enough.

This isn’t living.

Working all of the time and then worrying about work even when you are off.

It is time to stop this story and start a different one.

You have more control than you want to believe.

Make tomorrow the day that you stop living someone else’s life and start living yours.

 I know how you feel. I have been there. The long hours. The lack of vacation. There is a better way. You are an entrepreneur. It is time to start acting like one. Let me help you. Fill out the form here to jump on a call with me.