LOs want six-pack abs

July 27, 2021 |

All I ever wanted was:

  • Six-pack abs
  • To be on vacation for 12 months a year
  • Have businesses that act as an ATM
  • Only do work that excites me
  • Have total control of how I use my time

But what happened after I achieved these things was the real gift…

I had created a container for me to become the person I wanted to be.

The pressure to “achieve more” and “be better” finally went away.

I was finally at peace.

To my surprise, being at peace led to more money, bigger businesses, and exciting work opportunities.

So, how do you get to this place?

It’s not as difficult as you might think.

1. Learn how to think and how to see. Your mind has no power over you. It’s actually the opposite… you control your reaction to the mind. It doesn’t seem this way at first as your thoughts seem to be sporadic and impulsive. However, your thoughts are not your mind. Thinking is simply what the mind does. The control you have is when you choose to believe these thoughts or let them pass. This is how you begin to learn how to think. When you separate yourself from the random thoughts that pop into your head.

Controlling your reactions to your thoughts will finally help you see clearly. Life is much more complicated when you are looking through a filter that tells you to make more money and be better than you currently are. Removing this filter allows you to see things for how they are… a world full of people seeking more purpose. Once you see the world this way, making money and finding fulfillment becomes effortless.

2. Learn how to control your emotions. Emotions are an example of your divine design at work. These feelings are part of your anatomy, designed to let your body know how to follow your purpose for existence. Happiness means you are getting closer to purpose and true self. Anxiety and fear indicate that you are experiencing conflict that is harming your ability to self-actualize and step into purpose. You can control your reaction to these emotions by simply digging a little deeper into the reason for the emotional response. Think of these emotions as a guide rather than a “good thing” or a “bad thing.”

3. Remove yourself from the hypnosis of capitalism and materialism. When you were 2 years old, all you cared about was exploration and play. At some point, you forgot about the value of experiences and joy. Life became about making money and becoming more successful. The path to financial success contains elements of truth and purpose… but it’s far from the reason you were put on this earth. Money should simply act as a tool to allow you to seek out truth as often as possible.

The three steps above will set you free. Your divine design cannot be avoided. You will forever be guided towards your purpose and the impact you are meant to make. Your design is at work right now as you read this blog. You are experiencing thoughts and feelings that are guiding you towards fulfilling your purpose here. Will you listen? Or will you go back to working and seeking the next thing to buy?

Life is so much more fun when you do work that matters. Your mortgage business should be used to create this container for you to self-actualize and find your purpose. I can help you. I have a proven formula that will help you find that excitement again. Let’s jump on a Zoom call.