Sit, stay… Good loan officer

April 27, 2021 | ,

Loan officers are under so much pressure.

Sure, the work itself can be exhausting.

But, the pressure you feel is artificially created.

Not by you… by them.

The industry tells you to close more loans, make presidents club, Scotsman Guide… etc.

This addiction to esteem is such a distraction.

But, I suppose it makes sense. After all, what else do you do once you have made good money, material things, and enjoy beautiful vacations?

Next up… get respect and be validated.

But, is the Scotsman and Presidents club really a reflection of your legacy?

Some might be angry with me for saying this. But, let me ask, is it authentically you that is upset with me saying this? Or, are you mad at me for saying that your bank account and these accolades don’t automatically mean that you’ve made an impact or left a legacy?

This attachment to things that don’t matter is a distraction and makes us less ourselves. I’m not trying to take anything away from you… I’m simply giving you permission to pursue better things.

You want to leave a legacy. You want to know that your life mattered and that you lived it to the fullest potential. Money and awards will not give you that. Those are designed by others as a way to brainwash you into working more and building their dream.

You are an entrepreneur who happens to be a loan officer. Start designing your life rather than watching it happen to you.

If you are like me, you want more than money. You want to make a difference and build a personal brand that makes an impact. There is a recipe to discovering this and I can teach you how.
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