75 and sunny

January 19, 2021 |

People are wrong when they group San Diego into the rest of California.

This city is unlike anywhere else in the USA. It is 75 degrees with no humidity, no bugs, no traffic, and no rain.

I traveled to San Diego after Park City, Utah. COVID-19 went from being a two-week thing to a two-year thing. I was craving some sunshine. So, I made the trip put to SD for a couple of months.

The first place I stayed in was downtown with a rooftop view of Petco Park. This was a nice treat being able to watch live sports when nobody was allowed in the stadiums. Downtown was different during the COVID shutdown. Normally, San Diego is active and lively all year long (I swear nobody works). California businesses were hit hard by the pandemic shutdown. Rent here is crazy high and most businesses can barely afford to stay open on good years!

The best part about San Diego is the accessibility (to everything!). I’m not kidding, in 15 minutes I can be anywhere in the city. I enjoyed time on a different beach each day. Water sports were my preferred source of exercise! And I was able to find some hiking here and there.

I celebrated my birthday when I was here in August. We had to get creative as the pandemic limited our options. I woke up and was surprised by surfing lessons! This was such a great experience and we got lucky with some good size waves. Surfing is a killer workout and so much fun!

Next, I was surprised coming home to a cocktail class on the rooftop! This guy was incredible. These were not your normal cocktails. Everything was locally sourced or created with love.

Finally, we finished the day with a surprise Italian cooking class. SD has a huge Italian population. This makes for great access to authentic ingredients. I definitely recommend Cucina Migrante to anyone spending an evening in San Diego!

The food in SD is incredible. You could eat here as your full-time job and you would still have a hard time trying everything. My favorite restaurant was Juniper and Ivy. They completely remodeled their parking lot into a COVID-friendly outdoor experience. This is a great example of adapting your business in times of change!

Overall, there’s not much to complain about in San Diego. This is probably who so many people go broke living here! (they call it the “sunshine tax”)