The Income Roller Coaster

November 10, 2020 |

6-figures in your checking account!

You just came out of a BIG month.

And, the next month was even bigger!

And… you’re scared.

How could this be?!

You just had your biggest month! Why are you scared?

As a Loan Officer, your income feels like a roller-coaster at times. When times are good, you find yourself dreaming about the future. You daydream about the possibility of growing the business and reducing your hours. But, instead of acting on it, it remains a dream. You continue to work 60-hour weeks and set personal production records.

And then it happens…

You close fewer loans the following month.

Fear sets in.

Your mindset starts to go negative.

You are now worried about the future. This slow month must mean that the market is changing. You fear that your income will decrease and you must start saving as much money as possible.

This pattern will trap you forever. Not enough time. Not enough money. The wrong timing. Blah, Blah, Blah. There always seems to be an excuse.

The only way to break the roller-coaster pattern is to build systems that increase efficiency and growth. Systems decrease stress. These systems can be improved and eventually passed on to others when you are ready.

You have built a great business. You deserve growth and dependability. It is time to remove the stress and mystery around your success. Turn your business into a system that sets you free.


I know systems sound complicated. I have developed a way to help Mortgage Professionals build systems quickly and with ease. Send me an email and I’ll show you how.