Roland’s Recommended Reading List

The Books that Changed My Life
The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin
A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
The Five Levels of Attachment by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.
Courage is Calling by Ryan Holiday
Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and John Greaves
Leap First by Seth Godin (Audio only, it’s a 2-hour talk)
You are Enough by Panache Desai

Marketing / Sales
Exactly What to Say by Phil Jones
This is Marketing by Seth Godin

Internet Marketing
Expert Secrets by Russel Brunson
Tribes by Seth Godin
Traffic Secrets by Russel Brunson

Public Speaking
Steal the Show by Michael Port

The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber
Clockwork by Michael Michalowicz
Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port
The ONE Thing by Gary Keller

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