Rare Marketing Tips for LOs

Ordinary: with no special or distinctive features; normal

Extraordinary: rare, remarkable, unusually great

People want extraordinary results and the money that comes with it.

Here’s the problem. 

Most people… won’t get what they want.

Not for a lack of effort or desire…

Because they aren’t doing things that are rare, remarkable, or unusually great.

Let me break it down into one sentence: Extraordinary results come to those doing extraordinary things.

But, when you look at what people are doing to get there… they are doing ordinary stuff. Making phone calls, hosting realtor events, and posting mortgage videos on social media. And, you can’t blame them… This is what the success playbook says to do. This is what all of the top coaching programs say will make you successful. Make calls, book meetings, host events, and make Instagram videos.

By definition… these things are ordinary… they are normal for a successful Loan Officer. They do the things that work and they stay consistent. Every Top Producer out there is following this playbook. Thus, they look like… every other Top Producer.

So, what’s wrong with being a Top Producer? Nothing… For most, this will be success.

But… For the few that have been called to be great… this isn’t all they want. They don’t feel successful. All they did was do the things that work and did them consistently. They did it well and they did a lot of it. 

But, what else did you expect? This is what high-achievers do. They execute and work hard for what they want.

Here’s the problem… doing 500% of what everyone else is doing will get you 5X the results in 1/5th of the time… But, you won’t be extraordinary. You will be just as ordinary as them… but with 5X more money.

And, that is why so many of the top LOs in the industry are still so unsatisfied. They haven’t become remarkable or unusually great. They aren’t significant. They haven’t done anything that people talk about and remember.

Loan Officers are so focused on what MORE they can do. They sign up for the coaching, listen to the podcasts, and read the books. But, more of the same is still ordinary.

If you want to experience extraordinary results… you need to do things that your referral partners and other LOs consider rare, remarkable, and unusually great.

This isn’t a foreign or new concept. Husbands and wives have been doing extraordinary things for centuries in an effort to win the hearts of their spouses. Coordinating a very rare and difficult surprise. Making room for deep and connected conversations. Living life in a way that allows their partner to experience their dream life alongside yours.

Parents do the same thing. To be an extraordinary parent, you need to be present with your kids. This means taking more time to ask them what they want and how they feel. Looking for ways to allow them to become who they want to be rather than what you want them to be.

Everyone can spot an exceptional spouse and parent from across the room… and we admire them for accomplishing what very few people are able to accomplish. So, why do we not apply the same principles to our work? If the goal is the same, to be seen and recognized as someone who has accomplished what few LOs have accomplished… Why are Loan Officers still so focused on doing things that everyone else is doing?

Being seen and talked about as being someone extraordinary starts with acting like someone extraordinary. If you are still seen as a successful Loan Officer… chances are that you look like one. Making your calls, hosting realtor events, and posting on social is ordinary… not EXTRAordinary.

Brand yourself as someone rare and unusually great. Then you’ll become significant and make extraordinary money.

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