LOs searching for purpose

March 22, 2022 |

Top-producers are not succeeding as much as they would like to.

You have dreamed of making more of an impact using your career success… but, it hasn’t happened yet.

It can be a challenge connecting with your purpose.

Here are 2 things that can make it happen faster:

1. Rather than searching for your purpose… Look at what you aren’t.

Compared to trying to figure out what you are meant for… it’s much easier to make a list of what you aren’t.

You know that you are not made for paperwork.

You know that you don’t enjoy solving problems that do not require your unique ability.

You know that you aren’t fulfilled when you are just going through the motions.

What else aren’t you?

Knowing what you are not is one of the fastest ways to know who you are. Think about it… we only know what feeling sad feels like because we know what feeling happy feels like. It’s the same deal with connecting with your purpose. Make a list of what your purpose definitely is not.

2. Do you know what you want?

It’s not selfish to know what makes you happy and to focus all of your time on getting more of that in your life.

Here’s why it’s not selfish… Because you will end up making a positive impact on others when you pursue your purpose. It happens every time. This is because all of our purposes involve helping others. That’s what purposes are… What else would your purpose be?

Purpose is not something that can be found… It’s a way of being in the world. I can show you how to connect with your purpose and how to use it to make an impact. Click HERE to schedule a Zoom call with me.