Why do some LOs plateau?

November 9, 2021 | ,

There are two reasons why I see top-producers plateau.

  1. They are afraid of being more than an LO
  2. They need something else to fall in love with

There comes a point where the story you used, in the beginning, stops working.

It was an easy story to believe… I’ll be happy when I make more money.

The reality is that happiness and fulfillment come from doing unique things that make a difference.

You are designed a specific way and it’s living in a way that honors this design that will bring you a sense of calm and control.

So, how does one discover their design??

It’s actually not that difficult, but you’ll need help. This is because it’s hard for you to see the things that make you unique. To you, this is just how you do things. But, in the eyes of others, they may see it as courageous, dedicated, or disciplined.

This is exactly why my personal branding program involves using other LOs just like you. Through borrowing the consciousness of other top-producers, you are able to see things inside yourself that you couldn’t have seen otherwise. It’s the little things like these that allow you to make connections with your past successes. And, that is where you can begin to see your actual personal brand.

I call this authentic personal brand your divine design. I say it this way because it is how you are pre-programmed. Others call this your “personality.” This design is what you were made to be and that’s exactly why it feels so fulfilling to be this way in the world.

I used to be discontent. Despite my financial success, I always felt like my life wasn’t good enough… Like I wasn’t good enough.

Like you, I tried everything. The books, conferences, coaches, and even therapists. Sure, things got a little better… but I still felt the desire for more.

I just wanted to feel happy with who I had become. Yet nothing seemed to be enough. I tried to fill the emptiness with things, but that never works. Then, I tried money, freedom, and finally travel. Still… I was the same person who had a deep desire to be more.

And that’s when things clicked…

This desire to BE more is the one constant in your life. Not do, not have, not achieve.

But BE.

You see, your continuous desire for more is part of your divine design… and it’s not going to stop until you start living in a way that honors that.

It’s your divine design that motivates you to keep searching for more success, more connection, more freedom, and more impact.

But your divine design isn’t a goal or a place… it’s a way of being in the world.

A way of being that will finally result in fulfillment.

Have you been looking for a way of living that will result in feeling fulfilled? I can show you the way. Let’s hop on a Zoom call.