Park City, Utah USA. Summer at a ski resort?

August 21, 2020 |

Do you love the outdoors?
Do you love great food?
Do you love great company?

Then you will LOVE Park City, Utah!

I have been to this city multiple times in the winter. It is a snowsport mecca for those who want a diverse and accessible mountain range. But, summertime… definitely worth a visit.

Quiet, yet fun. Slow, yet fulfilling. Hiking, biking, fishing, social events. This city is only 35 minutes from Salt Lake City. However, I bet you will not feel any need to head into the big city. Park City has a different feel compared to other “ski resort destinations” such as Telluride, Jackson Hole, or Aspen. There is a sense of community and permanence. You don’t feel like you are in a vacation town, which I love.


What not to miss?
Hiking in the Twin Peaks Wilderness. Park City has endless hiking and biking trails. But, don’t miss the Twin Peaks area. The scenery is much different on the other side of the mountains. You will see glacier lakes, granite peaks, and much better views. Also, take the trip to Antelope Island. This state park offers a much different landscape and you are guaranteed to see wildlife. I recommend hiking to the peak.


Where to eat?
Dinner: Riverhorse on Main. I am a sucker for customer service and attention to detail. This restaurant hit it out of the park. The live music on weekends is amazing. The surf and turf tower is incredible…. the top of the tower is prime steak on a bed of cheese grits!
Brunch: 5iveSeeds. Founded by a native Australians, this bustling brunch spot boasts a menu of local produce, seasonal flavors, and a variety of nourishing dishes that vary from very health-conscious to a little bit sinful. Do NOT miss the hotcake. A thick and fluffy skillet baked breakfast cake with mixed berries, lemon-infused marscapone, nuts and seeds.

How long do you need to spend here?
I could live here. That being said, 3-4 days is plenty. Maybe longer in the winter if you want to experience the various resorts. This is a fun city that has the feel of a resort town, but also makes you wish you grew up here.