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Sit, stay… Good loan officer

Loan officers are under so much pressure. Sure, the work itself can be exhausting. But, the pressure you feel is artificially created. Not by you… by them. The industry tells you to close more loans, make presidents club, Scotsman Guide……

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LOs, this one change at intake could increase your loan volume by 20%

I was talking with a Loan Officer last week about his intake process… “We give them the link to fill out an application.” What’s wrong with this response? There is so much that can go wrong here! First off, intake…

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At first, it was 10 loans a month, then 60

At first, it was 10 loans a month. Then you wanted 20… 40… 60… Life will be better when… The story only lives until we stop believing it. What story am I referring to? The one where you need more…

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Once I have 10M in the bank, then I’ll take more time off

“Once I have _______ in the bank, then I’ll take more time off,” says the loan officer. Another way of saying this… “I am choosing to live a life I don’t love because I feel my mortgage business is going…

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The 3-step process to automate your mortgage business

Maximize your current market Automate your workflows Give your system a heartbeat 1. Maximize your profit from the market you already know. Your current customers are your best customer. Business is all about proof of concept. Learning what practices result…

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LOs are superficially thriving, but dying inside

2020 treated the mortgage industry well. Your bank account proves that. But… why didn’t it feel better? Here you are… with more money than you’ve ever made… And, you feel worse than you did in 2019. Tired. Distracted. In desperate…

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