When closing loans stops being fun

October 5, 2021 |

I was in Las Vegas this weekend with thousands of Loan Officers and I noticed something… All of them wanted more.

More connection.
More meaning.
More freedom.


The one constant in life is the desire for more.

It may have been money at one point… but, I doubt that is still the case.

Your mortgage business should be funding your lifestyle.

There is a sense of freedom and purpose when you have the ability to operate as an owner rather than a loan officer.

Are you still not satisfied with what you have built?
Listen to those feelings of discontent… It is your body telling you to be more. It is totally possible to have a “great life” and still be unhappy with it. There’s nothing wrong with that and it is actually quite normal. Humans are designed to want more impact and meaning. It is natural to find yourself a bit lost when all you have done is made a bunch of money.

Are you bored?
It’s quite disturbing to successful people when they lose the energy and passion they once had. Often, you blame yourself for “not doing enough” or “taking too long.” The feeling of boredom is normal and it is a necessary reminder to seek more. You will go through seasons in this industry and each one will present you with a new opportunity to be more than you thought you were. Be curious about this feeling of boredom… it could be time for you to do more of the things you love.

Why are you still holding back?
One of the most painful feelings you can experience is when you know that you are capable of doing more… but you aren’t doing it. Is it that you don’t know how? Do you not feel ready? Or are you afraid?

I remember the feeling. I used to be discontent. Despite my financial success, I always felt like my life wasn’t good enough… Like I wasn’t good enough.

Like you, I tried everything. The books, conferences, coaches, and even therapists. Sure, things got a little better… but I still felt the desire for more.

I just wanted to feel happy with who I had become. But, nothing seemed to be enough. I tried to fill the emptiness with things, but that never worked. Then, I tried money, freedom, and finally travel. Yet, still… I was the same person who had a deep desire to be more.

And that’s when things clicked…

This desire to BE more is the one constant in your life. Not do, not have, not achieve.

But be.

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