LOs, your team wants you to make more money

August 10, 2021 |

Your mortgage business isn’t as complex as you pretend it is.

It’s a container for your team to perform at their best and become mini-entrepreneurs within your business.

It’s your job as the owner to create a container that allows them to be happy, productive, and inspired.

Inside of a great container, your team will feel free to be themselves.

They will problem-solve, innovate, and bring their enthusiasm into work with them.

This can easily be built by the following 3 steps:

  1. Create a clear brand promise and a strong personal brand
  2. Create your business “constitution”
  3. Define what you want the container to provide you


Create a clear brand promise and personal brand

Why is this so important when hiring and creating your container? Because people want to work for something and someone they believe in! If you aren’t clear about what it is that you stand for… How is your team supposed to be?

Your brand promise is the reason why borrowers and referral partners choose you over the competition. This promise is what sells. Without this clarity, your business and income will be on a rollercoaster of ups and downs.

Your personal brand is just as important. Mortgage is a personal business. Yes, your team can do all of the work… but you still need to express who you are and why you are. People do business with people NOT businesses. How are they supposed to do business with a person if you aren’t telling them who you are?

Create your business “constitution”

What are the concrete aspects of your business that make you successful? These need to be written down and honored without exception. Every member of your team must adhere to these or they need to find somewhere else to work.

For example, one of the businesses I own has a rule that states: “No employee, client, or referral partner will harm our happy and helpful company culture.” This is the number one rule above all the others. It’s our amazing work culture that makes all of the magic happen. Without this culture, I would have difficulty hiring, retaining employees, and creating a team that manages themselves. Therefore, this is part of our constitution and we will not tolerate any behavior that harms it. I once had to fire my CEO because she violated this rule (this was NOT FUN).

A solid company constitution creates safety, clarity, and purpose. You will assemble a loyal team that is proud to work for you.

Define what you want the container to provide you

What do you want? … really though! What do you actually want? Sure, money is great… but what are you going to use it for? How much money do you need? Why?

Your business should be providing you with a means by which to live your life in the way you want to. If it’s not doing that for you… it’s time for a change.

A good place to start is separating your personal container from the businesses. Your personal issues, beliefs, and goals need to be separate from the business. You will have a very difficult time running a business that is being haunted by all of the stories in your head.

It is possible to build a team that wants you to make more money and take long vacations.

It all starts with you creating a container for them to succeed and carry out your brand promise.

Want more information about creating a business that sets you free? Let’s jump on a Zoom call. I have built and sold multiple businesses that ran without me and provided employees with a wonderful place to work. It’s less complicated than you might think and I have a system that will make it simple.