LO midlife crisis

June 8, 2021 |

Have you had a midlife crisis?

I personally have had 5 or 6

At first, you feel guilty for wanting your life to be more than it is.

But, you know there’s more you are called to do.

Every day that voice inside your head reminds you that you have a bigger purpose.

This isn’t a crisis… this is a mid-life awakening.

The moment you realize that you are playing too small.

You haven’t done anything wrong.

This feeling is normal.

The only wrong choice would be to ignore this feeling and think that it’s going to go away.

I’ve been there before… the only way out is through massive action.

Step 1: Listen to yourself

The voice inside your head is your own. This is the real you, telling you that it’s time to change. Being driven towards purpose is part of your human design. People misread these messages all the time. Rather than changing their behavior, most loan officers assume they need to work harder. They think this feeling is because they need to make more money, get more leads, or buy a nicer car.

I get it… I did the same thing. I too thought that this feeling of discontent meant that I needed more. At age 27, I had created a 7-figure passive income stream, bought my dream house, and purchased 5 cars. The result… I was emptier than I was before. The voice in my head was trying to warn me that the path I was on would not fulfill me. Money, houses, cars, business problems… I never wanted this. It was freedom I was after.

Do yourself a favor… listen to that voice. It will save you years of pain and frustration.

Step 2: Use yourself

Once you get better at separating what you want and what the world has trained you to want, you can finally design the life of your dreams. That voice inside your head knows what you want. How? Because… IT IS YOU! Where you will go wrong is trying to make sense of the voice in context of the outside world. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more. What’s wrong is when your definition of more is defined by what society has told you is more.

I spent my entire life up until age 27 getting what society told me would make me happy. I had everything I wanted and then some. What I didn’t realize was that the “more” I wanted, was more meaning. I wanted to make a real difference. Sure, I had multiple businesses that bettered the community. Sure, I donated my time and money to good causes. But, it was still just a brainless ritual I learned from those before me.

Create some space for your real desires to show through. In this space, you will finally be able to focus on the meaningful work you have been avoiding.

Step 3: Share yourself with others

Self-expression is the greatest feeling you can experience on earth. This is why it feels so good to love and be loved. Self-expression is why it feels so good to be around close family and friends. This is because you are able to be your true self. Those closest to you don’t need you to put on a show or be better than you currently are. These people want your presence. It feels so good to be seen and wanted for who you actually are.

Self-actualization is a proven human need. In my opinion, discovering self is the greatest investment you can make. As self, everything becomes effortless. Why? Because you know who you are and where to place yourself in the marketplace.

Imagine… Getting paid just to be you. How can it get any better than that?

Being discontent and unsatisfied is not normal. Let me help you. Life doesn’t need to be mindless and unfulfilling. I can show you a different way. GO HERE to schedule a time to chat.