Branch Managers are more likely to lose themselves

March 16, 2021 |

The success of your branch is dependent on you.

You have a great reputation and you work hard to keep it that way.

High-level customer service is important to you and you expect your team to deliver at the same standard.

It was easier to maintain this years ago when you were closing fewer loans.

But now… you are getting multiple applications each day.

Being the proud owner you are, you step up to absorb the workload.

Your role transitions from founder to full-time babysitter.

You spend your time putting out fires, saving loans, and dealing with employees who constantly need your help.

Years can go by this way, blindly making money and closing loans.

This is why Branch Managers are more likely to lose themselves.

Ownership can be a beautiful thing. It allows a loan officer to emerge as an entrepreneur to create freedom of time and money. You have the freedom to design a business that serves you. Your team can handle the parts that you don’t enjoy and you can spend your time growing the business and taking vacations.

Or… you can let your mortgage business own you.

Your team spends half of their time deciding what to do and asking questions. The current systems in place are inefficient and require multiple people to double-check the work. Despite having the same problems last week, your team continues to ask the same questions and forward you the same emails.

Ownership is supposed to be a beautiful thing. Your business should set you free. Instead, many of us let it take over our lives. You become a slave to your own creation. Forget vacations and hobbies! You are exhausted!

It is sad when I see this. People who have so much to offer, losing themselves in meaningless work. Imprisoning themselves in their own creation only to live with years of regret.

People won’t remember how many loans you closed. They will remember the time you spent with them outside of work.

It’s never too late to change. Life is so much more than closing loans and banking cash. I have been there, and you can make the money without selling your soul. I can show you how. Let’s jump on a Zoom call and see if this can happen for you too.