This could be your last 5 years as an LO

January 19, 2021 |

The data is hard to believe.

We know 2021 will be an incredible year for Mortgage.

All experts agree that the next 5 years will be the best the mortgage industry has ever seen.

Everything is stacked in your favor.

It is time to remove the bottlenecks in your process.

Your systems need to be ready for growth.

The next five years could be your last as a loan officer…


Because, if you do it right… you will now be an owner and entrepreneur.

The Technician

It is times like these that separate the Technicians from the Owners. The Technician (LO) looks at the next five years as a way to close more loans and make more money. The Technician looks for ways to work harder and become more productive. Technicians have a scarcity mindset. The next 5 years is just a “boom” and will fade away. Therefore, this is a time to work even harder and save as much money as possible. Why? Because in 5 years everything will dry up and become harder again…

The Owner

The Owner sees their mortgage business as a creation. The Owner’s mentality views the next five years as an opportunity to elevate their offering. Rather than focusing on working harder and being more productive, the Owner is investing in the future. The next five years are not a “boom,” but a chance to create a business that is future proof. No longer will the business be a place to get a mortgage. Instead, the business will have a brand that takes on a life of its own. The Owner is no longer a loan officer because they have created an opportunity that others cannot live without.

You have two options in the years ahead:

  1. Work hard and grind it out! Then see where that takes you.
  2. Invest in your business and create systems that no longer need you to manage them.

Systems set you free. They are easier to implement than you might think. And, you can’t afford to wait any longer. Now is the time (for so many reasons). Fill out the form below to jump on a Zoom call.