is goal-setting overrated?

January 4, 2022 |

New year goal-setting is a popular thing to do… but how effective is it?

Sure, It’s great to have aspirations and desires.

But, are those the same as goals?

Personally, I’ve never officially set goals. Meaning that I’ve never written them down and put timelines on anything. I’m not sure why not? I guess it just never felt like a useful exercise. I’ve never had problems getting things done that matter to me.

This isn’t to say that I haven’t tried it before. I have… But, it always seemed so forced. Half of the time it seemed as if I was writing goals just to impress myself or someone that may ask me one day. Which makes me wonder…

Who is setting the goals in the first place?

The version of you that wants more money?

The version of you that wants to go on more family vacations?

Or, the version of you that wants to do unique work that excites you and makes you feel like you’re using your time to make a real difference?

And, how long will these goals be valid?

What happens if you change your mind?

You made the goal of having 10 branch locations… but what happens if you stop enjoying the growing pains? Are you a failure if you stop at 5?

And what happens when you are ready to live a life of experience and joy… but, you haven’t reached your goal of having a $10 million net worth? Will you allow yourself to enjoy your life even if it takes you a few extra years to make the money?

So, how should you set goals? Should you set them at all? And, if you do set them, how do you make sure that they actually result in a life you want to live?

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