Your realtors and borrowers want to work with someone who is…

May 10, 2022 | ,

There’s a reason some LOs are breaking personal production records in this competitive market.

The economy has been shifting in more ways than just interest rates and inflation.

There’s been a shift in how people shop.

Realtors and Borrowers are looking for something different than they used to.

This shift has been happening for a few years now, but really accelerated during the pandemic.


This is a shift that is in your favor

In this new economy, the people want the same thing that you want.

Let me explain…

In all previous economies, businesses succeeded when they fulfilled a need that was being unmet. This used to be the need to be attractive, more productive, wealthy, and get noticed. But, now that all of these needs can be met, people are struggling with a new problem…

They want to find their thing. They want a career that uses their unique abilities. They want to be seen and appreciated for what they are good at. They want to do work that excites them and doesn’t feel like work at all. This is not just how they are feeling… they are shopping this way too.

Realtors and Borrowers want to work with someone that has found their thing. They are choosing the LO that is passionate about creating a change they believe in. Even if this change is outside of mortgage. They want to work with someone that knows who they are and what they want. Why? Because this is what they want for themselves.

The best part about this new economy is that they want exactly what you want. A meaningful career that excites you.

If you want to stand out in a competitive marketplace, find the one thing that no one has…

Find Your Thing!

Everyone has a thing. It’s your job to find it and make it what you are known for. It doesn’t have to be in mortgage for it to bring in more loans. Honestly… they would rather that it wasn’t in mortgage…

If you want to find your thing, let’s jump on a Zoom call. I have never met a Loan Officer that didn’t have a unique ability capable of growing their business.