LOs get more done in a day than most do in a week

April 19, 2022 | ,

Do you ever wonder how the elite players in the industry get so much done so quickly?

It actually has little to do with time management, systems, or technology.

It has more to do with your motivation to get sh*t done!

Motivation is one of those things that you can’t force… It must come naturally.

There are 2 types of motivation, but only one works.

Motivation Type 1: You are motivated by what you no longer want to be

Unfortunately, this is the most common form of motivation you will see in the world. I say “unfortunately” because this type of motivation doesn’t end well. These people are motivated by who they no longer want to be. They consider themselves not successful enough or not wealthy enough.

The problem is that in order for this type of motivation to motivate you… you must identify with not being enough yet. But, not being enough yet is very unmotivating. After all, how can you achieve all it is that you desire if you aren’t enough?

Motivation Type 2: You are motivated by what you know that you can be

You see the elite players in the industry… They get more done in a day than most people do in a week… and they make it look easy!

This is because they have found their thing and they are good at it. They can imagine a future where all they have to do is work they love. They picture themselves creating a workweek that doesn’t feel like work at all.

All of this is possible because they are motivated by who they can become. This second type of motivation is 10X more effective than the first. It’s far more motivating to become the person you want to be than it is to not be the person you think you are.

If you aren’t succeeding at the level that you know is possible… and you know that there’s more meaningful work you enjoy doing… then let’s jump on a Zoom call.