The Delayed Life Plan Doesn’t Work

November 2, 2021 | ,

The delayed life plan has never worked.

Yet, Loan Officers all over the country keep believing in it.

“If I just make enough money… then I’ll be happy.”

“I just need to get my volume up another 20 loans each month… then I’ll start doing more of the work I enjoy.”

Do you find yourself thinking anything that sounds like “I just need… Then I will be…” ???

You are not alone.

“I’ll create a life full of meaning and purpose… one day…”

This is most people.

It doesn’t have to take 10 or 20 years to discover the work that makes you happy.

You have probably just been doing it backward.

You are taught from a young age that you need to work hard and save money. If you do it well enough, you can transition into an investor, and then you will not need to work as much. You will be safe and nobody will bother you…

What a boring way to live…?

Am I the only one that has a hard time believing that this is why we were put on earth?

This story is only true if:

  • Money is hard to get
  • You are a successful person if you have a lot of money
  • You will feel fulfilled when you have money


Money is not hard to get. All you need is good systems in place to allow other people to make it for you.

You are not a “success” just because you have built these systems.

Fulfillment comes from figuring out how you have been designed and living in a way that honors it.

The backward way:
Money will lead to me being free. With that freedom, I will do more things I like to do… Then I will be happy.

The way it actually works:
I will discover how I have been designed and the impact that I have been designed to make. I will use my design to do important work in the world that makes a difference. This important work will impact the lives of others and this impact will bring about fulfillment and wealth.

You see, people have been doing it backward. And, the sad part is that most people don’t end up making a difference or feeling fulfilled.

Are you sick of waiting? Having so much more you can offer, yet you are still holding back? Let’s jump on a Zoom call. I used to feel the same way.