LOs Know What They Need To Do, But They Don’t Want To

The cold calls and fake conversations…

I get it… and I wouldn’t want to do it either.

Here’s one thing I’ve noticed when you look at those at the top of the industry.

They aren’t making cold calls to people they don’t like…

Or having fake conversations with people they don’t really know.

It’s actually quite the opposite…

Referral partners are reaching out to them.

This happens when you position yourself as an expert and someone who has found your purpose. 

Why does this work?

Because these are the type of people that we are most attracted to.

Those who have found their thing, their purpose, their calling. 

They know who they are, what they do best, and who needs their help.

There’s nothing more attractive than a Loan Officer who has found their purpose. They stand out above the competition because they are above the competition. Instead of just mindlessly closing loans, they have a bigger mission in mind. 

They aren’t just a Loan Officer… They are a person with a strong purpose behind what they do.

Who are you going to refer business to? 

The Loan Officer that cold calls you weekly… Or, the Loan Officer that has a strong sense of self, purpose, and direction?

I don’t know about you… but, I always choose the business owner who is on a mission to create meaningful change. It’s attractive, Inspiring, and it makes me want to know them better.

What is your personal brand identity?

Are you a Loan Officer?

Or, are you a passionate and mission driven entrepreneur who just happens to be a Loan Officer?

And, the last question…

Which one are you showing up as?

If I looked at your social media, your website, your daily routine… Would I see a Loan Officer? Or, would I see your passion and what makes you unique?

Are you showing up as someone that reflects your full potential? If not, it may be time to make a change. Let’s jump on a Zoom call. I can help you.
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