Self Improvement

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Were you traumatized by Halloween?

Remember dressing up as your favorite superhero? Superman! Wonder Woman! Spiderman! The Hulk! The messaging started when you were a child… You can dress up like anyone you want to be… But, don’t forget who you actually are. It’s no…

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You did it! You hit your income number!

Finally, you hit your income number! It was your main focus for the last few years. It was proof of your accomplishments. Nobody can deny your success now! But… They don’t notice. They don’t even care. You can repeat this…

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I feel like an employee of my own business

You have had enough! It is time to act. This nonsense has gone on long enough. You didn’t build this business just to become an overworked employee who works there. And then…You don’t act… Many times you find yourself waiting…

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$10 for Blueberries?!

Have you bought blueberries out of season? Might as well buy a brick of gold! When I was opening my first business… there was a lot of fear and self-doubt. My friends and family members thought I was crazy. I…

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Your business is growing… are you?

Your business is growing. Sales are strong. But inside… You still want more. You think, “This isn’t fun anymore, do I need to start a different business?” “I’m not sure I want to do this for another 20 years?” “This…

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STOP “Fake it till you make it.” How about you show up instead?

“Fake it till you make it?” Fake? The reality is… there is nothing fake about it. Authenticity is your strongest asset. How about you SHOW UP instead? The marketplace has changed significantly in the past 30 years. Trust is now…

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