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LO midlife crisis

Have you had a midlife crisis? I personally have had 5 or 6 At first, you feel guilty for wanting your life to be more than it is. But, you know there’s more you are called to do. Every day…

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LOs live ½ as long as they could

Top-producers spend too much time working, on the phone, and obsessing about their investments. This is surviving… NOT living. What’s the point of working so hard if you just plan to work harder. Even when you aren’t working, you are…

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How many LOs are depressed?

Loan Officers have needs too. While the money is great… That hasn’t been an issue for you in a long time. Yet, you still let your mortgage business run as if you can barely pay your bills. How much is…

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Sit, stay… Good loan officer

Loan officers are under so much pressure. Sure, the work itself can be exhausting. But, the pressure you feel is artificially created. Not by you… by them. The industry tells you to close more loans, make presidents club, Scotsman Guide……

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At first, it was 10 loans a month, then 60

At first, it was 10 loans a month. Then you wanted 20… 40… 60… Life will be better when… The story only lives until we stop believing it. What story am I referring to? The one where you need more…

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LOs are superficially thriving, but dying inside

2020 treated the mortgage industry well. Your bank account proves that. But… why didn’t it feel better? Here you are… with more money than you’ve ever made… And, you feel worse than you did in 2019. Tired. Distracted. In desperate…

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