Self Improvement

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Why I sold my house and everything in it

To run a successful mortgage business, you have to learn how to think. Sounds pretty simple, right? It turns out that thinking correctly is harder than it seems. Your thoughts are easily corrupted by your past experiences and fears of…

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LOs deserve better!

You can convince yourself that your life is everything you want it to be. And if you love your life… by all means, keep doing what you are doing. But, for those of you that want more… There is so…

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I see dead people

Loan officers weren’t always zombies. When you first started out, you saw a massive opportunity to create financial and time freedom. You surpassed those goals, and you’re making more money than you ever thought you would. But something unexpected happened……

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LOs want six-pack abs

All I ever wanted was: Six-pack abs To be on vacation for 12 months a year Have businesses that act as an ATM Only do work that excites me Have total control of how I use my time But what…

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why LOs may be unhappy

What if it’s the pursuit of happiness that makes you unhappy? Happiness is just a feeling… like the feeling of stress, overwhelm, and excitement. Feelings were created to serve you. Feelings alert you when you are in agreement or experiencing…

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Your mortgage business should fund your lifestyle, not own it

You have experienced financial success in the mortgage industry, but it’s not enough for you. Money hasn’t been a problem for a long time, yet you tell yourself that you don’t have enough. Every day you feel the pressure to…

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