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Why is vacation illegal in the mortgage industry?

Why is vacation illegal in the mortgage industry? What’s the point of accumulating more money if you aren’t able to enjoy the benefits of it? Are you really a business owner if your team can’t handle things when you are…

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tired of telling yourself “the” story?

You bought “the” house. “The” car is in the garage. Business has been so good, you have even considered buying a second or third home one day. You’re working 50-60 hour weeks, some nights… and even weekends. You don’t see…

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Crushing it! …But what’s your hourly?

You are crushing it! This year has exceeded your expectations. You think, “Wow! Business is booming!” And… What’s your hourly wage? So, you’re making great money… But, at what expense? We have about 100 hours each week to live our…

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Do I want to do this for another 20-30 years?

The mornings feel different. It is harder to get out of bed. Income is at record levels. Your dream car is in the driveway. So much has gone right. Yet, you know there is still so much to do… There…

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Were you traumatized by Halloween?

Remember dressing up as your favorite superhero? Superman! Wonder Woman! Spiderman! The Hulk! The messaging started when you were a child… You can dress up like anyone you want to be… But, don’t forget who you actually are. It’s no…

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You did it! You hit your income number!

Finally, you hit your income number! It was your main focus for the last few years. It was proof of your accomplishments. Nobody can deny your success now! But… They don’t notice. They don’t even care. You can repeat this…

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