Lessons of a Blind Business Owner

August 18, 2020 |

He had been blind for 13 years.

He kept it a secret.

Nobody knew about his blindness, including himself.

He was unable to see where he was going.
He had no idea where he had been.
He was nowhere near where he thought he was.
And, he had wandered far away from where he wanted to be.

He was lost.

This is a story that too many business owners should be able to relate to.

But they can’t.

Because they are still blind as well.

We cannot fix what we cannot see. This is the very problem that plagues business owners for years… even decades. Being an owner requires a unique skill. That skill is a level of awareness that none of us are born with. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Developing this level of self-awareness and social awareness takes two things: consistent practice and a deep desire to improve. The desire to improve develops as our social awareness strengthens. It seems that we must practice first as the desire will follow.

Learning to see is not optional for business owners. Unblinding yourself is critical to achieving financial and time freedom. The reality is that our world view is unreliable when it comes to making change. The feedback we get from our own view supplies us with information we already know. This is why it is the same as being blind. Seeing is of no use if we refuse to see the things that we need to see most.

It is difficult for owners to see their own business as the marketplace views them. This is the case with all passionate owners and it is understandable as all businesses begin with a vision. The problem is that it is our vision. Your customers are the ones in the marketplace. 100% of your sales come from those people outside of your business.

The most successful and fulfilled business owners have embraced this blindness. They acknowledge that they are unable to see and they understand that they need other people to help if they are ever going to accomplish greatness. This level of awareness always leads to a life of abundance. The mission becomes listening and understanding others… and that is the cure for blindness.

Do you see the path to freedom within your business? Or do you feel blind at times? I remember being overwhelmed and overworked… and it can be different. I would love to schedule a free strategy call with you to discuss how freedom can be possible in your business. Click HERE or use the contact me button on the top of my website to schedule.