Bored? Need some motivation?

August 4, 2020 |

You used to be able to work 60+ hours a week.

You woke up excited and the work didn’t scare you.

Opportunity was everywhere! AND you wanted it.

But something changed.

The excitement has faded.

You find yourself easily distracted.

You are bored.

But are you?

As a business owner, you love progress. You look at change as a good thing AND it makes you money. NEW… and MORE… bring it on! You thrive when you are excited and the energy is high. You love it when things are new and exciting. In fact, this is the reason you went into business in the first place… new and exciting.

The reality is that businesses grow and evolve. At each phase, the business needs something different. The boredom starts when you disagree with what the business needs. It is still new and exciting… but… maybe not to you.

What if it isn’t boredom, but a mismatch?

This is a lesson that should not be ignored. The longer you are bored, the worse the business will perform. The solution is actually quite simple. You need to get back to doing what excites you. It is normal to get bored. It is a signal to stop and give that project to someone else.

Boredom is a signal for change. However, it does not mean you need to quit or pivot. I would invite you to lean further into the boredom you are experiencing. You may just be bored with the phase your business is in at the moment. Maybe you are actually stuck in this phase because of the boredom?

Business is not always exciting. AND, you can always work to keep it exciting. How? By learning what you love to do and what you don’t love doing. Focusing on your interests rather than the boredom will result in positive change. Focus on building a business and a schedule full of ONLY the things you love. Give the tasks that don’t excite you to your employees or contractors.

Business owners need to stay excited to be motivated. It is up to you to stay excited.

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