The LOs 7-figure schedule

August 24, 2021 |

Working 50 hour weeks is one way to do it…

But, that only works if you are using your time efficiently.

When you hear a billionaire talking about “hustle” and “grinding”…

What they forgot to mention is that they only work on each business for less than 2 hours each day (maybe less).

These billionaires own tons of businesses, and there simply isn’t enough time in a week to spend 50 hours working on all of them.

So, how do they do it?

They have a schedule that focuses on tasks that result in the greatest ROI.

With a schedule like this, you can relax, as you know that doing these activities for 300 days each year will result in your desired financial return.

From here, you can open more businesses, expand your current business into more zip codes, diversify your investments…

Or… You can do what I and most of my clients do…


Why retire at all if your business is making you money while you are working minimal hours from anywhere in the world?

This starts by creating your 7-figure schedule:

  1. First, determine how much you are willing to work each week. Doing this sets the stage for your first few months as you are gaining your schedule’s proof of concept.
  2. Next, discover how you work best. This step is critical to the success of your new schedule. If you feel pressured or obligated to utilize your 7-figure schedule… then you will eventually stop using it all together. Entrepreneurs like to do things on their own time and on their own terms. So, make sure you create a plan that sets you up for success.
  3. Then it’s accountability. How are you going to keep this new schedule sacred? If you skip even a single day… your likelihood of skipping days in the future goes up dramatically. It is important to keep your list of 7-figure activities to a minimum. Choose things that you enjoy doing and you know will yield a massive ROI if you do them consistently.
  4. Next, create a system to keep you focused. Maybe use project management software? Programs like Asana can help you create a calendar of 7-figure activities. This software can help you create daily, weekly and monthly tasks that will remind you to stay on track. Have your assistant/team hold you to these tasks and express to your team the value of you sticking to this plan.
  5. Build in some flexibility within your system. Guilt and shame kill the entrepreneurial spirit. It is critical that you stay in a great headspace and maintain confidence. Be sure that your system allows you to move it around and double up if you skip days. The goal with a 7-figure schedule is to decrease self-doubt and anxiety… not guilt you into working. Make sure that you create a system that you trust, and allows you some flexibility to live your life.



Waking up each morning knowing that in the first hour of your workday, you will make enough impact to bring in the money you desire.

The feeling of confidence and control, that you know exactly how to get your life and business where you want it.

This is all possible when you create a schedule that allows you to intentionally use your time and skills.

You don’t need to work hard to make good money… the people in the world that make the most money, do it passively. And, with good systems in place to protect their time.

Want help creating your 7-figure schedule? Let’s jump on a Zoom call. I’m happy to help.