The 3-step process to automate your mortgage business

March 30, 2021 |

Maximize your current market
Automate your workflows
Give your system a heartbeat

1. Maximize your profit from the market you already know. Your current customers are your best customer.

Business is all about proof of concept. Learning what practices result in the greatest ROI. This is the risky part of business. Can you determine what works and then discover how to scale it larger?

Success leaves clues. Every customer and referral partner that chooses you did so for a reason. This reason is your key to financial and time freedom. Discover what works and go all-in on doing more of it.

For those that have heard me speak before, you may have heard me talk about my success with Taco Tuesday. This was a marketing campaign that led to millions in income. It was simple. My top 5 referral partners all started referring to me after we met a single time for lunch/drinks. So, I decided to have lunch/drinks at scale. I invited 40 people to happy hour twice a month. Typically 8-12 people would show up and we would chat casually about life. Quickly my top 5 referral partners turned into a top 20 and we never worried about money again.

2. Automate your workflows. YOU are not the business.

You went into this to create time freedom. This can only happen if you create systems for everything that the business needs to operate and grow without you.

First, make sure the process has defined workflows and triggers. The workflows should be designed and discussed by everyone. Even if a team member is not using the workflow, they need to understand who is doing what. Every proposed change should be brought to a single person who is looking over all of the workflows. If the change does make sense, the entire team should be notified of this update and sign off on its addition. Clarity is the key to excellent workflows.

Triggers are more important than workflows. Why? Because they keep the process moving. Triggers tell the next person when to start and when to pass the process off to the next person. Triggers hold everyone accountable and make sure that the process moves as quickly as possible.

3. Give your system a heartbeat so that you are not the decision-maker.

Decisions are the killer of all businesses. Decision-making should make up 2% of each person’s workday. Instead, most businesses spend 40% of their time or MORE, deciding what to do next or if they are doing things correctly. SUCH A WASTE! Sure, each client has individual differences. But, someone is always deciding something to solve the problem. This CAN be automated. Decision-making should not be left to “intuition” and certainly should not stay in one person’s head.

Your system needs a heartbeat if you are ever going to remove yourself from the day-to-day operations. Problems will come up, and your system needs to be able to make decisions on its own. If you don’t create a business that can operate without your input… You will remain an employee.

If these steps resonate with you, CLICK HERE to schedule a Zoom call with me. I have developed a proven system that removes mortgage professionals from day-to-day operations.