2 types of LOs. One wins… The other doesn’t.

There are Loan Officers…

And, there are entrepreneurs who happen to be Loan Officers.

The LOs are having a hard time watching their production tank…

The entrepreneurs are confident.

They don’t focus on their production.

They focus on market share.

You see, production is a result of the market share that you own.

So, if you want to increase your production… do things to capture more market share.

Going after deals and referral partners is time-consuming and unsustainable. Selling yourself gets old quickly. At a certain point, you just want people to choose you because you’re the best. You want them to seek you out and recommend their friends to you.

Selling yourself will never be as fun as standing for something. Being known as someone who’s making an impact not only feels gratifying but it brings in far more money than selling mortgages. People want to send business to someone they admire… not just another Loan Officer.

Going after deals is for salespeople…

Entrepreneurs go for market share.

Winning deals is laborious. It’s done by cold calling, constantly selling, and always being “top of mind.”

Capturing market share isn’t laborious. It requires thought, planning, testing, listening, and leading. It requires you to actually create a meaningful change in the marketplace.

The best personal brands in mortgage send a clear message… That a referral to them means more than a referral to their competitors.

A referral to them means that they will invest in their team.
A referral to them means that they will pour value into their referral partners.
A referral to them means that they will make an impact in the mortgage industry.
A referral to them means that the community will be a better place… if they are successful.

Commanding market share is a totally different game compared to winning a deal.

It requires a lot more work than sales…

But, once you have it…

Making money will be as simple as making an impact and leaving a legacy you are proud of.

Are you ready for this new way of selling yourself? It’s fun and it doesn’t even feel like work. Click here and let’s jump on a call. I can show you how our tribe of Loan Officers has found a better way.
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