Once I have 10M in the bank, then I’ll take more time off

April 6, 2021 |

“Once I have _______ in the bank, then I’ll take more time off,” says the loan officer.

Another way of saying this…

“I am choosing to live a life I don’t love because I feel my mortgage business is going to magically stop making money after I hit my desired savings number.”


I don’t know about you, but I have never heard of an entrepreneur waiting to do important work.

Real entrepreneurs are too excited to wait. They are passionate about who they are and the possibilities that exist. They want to travel the world and change lives.

You don’t need a certain amount of money to start living this way.

Waiting is painful for the entrepreneur. Holding back is not in their DNA.

Maybe you are a loan officer and earning money is all that you want to do.

But, I doubt it…

Your mortgage business can run without you tending to the files and being glued to your cell phone. Good businesses run well with or without the owner present.

All you need is good systems that close loans consistently and systems/resources for your team to problem-solve without you.

Then, you can be free to grow the business. You can open another branch. You can work on a strong personal brand that recruits rockstar LOs.

Or, maybe you have enough money and you want to see more of the world and try new hobbies.

All of these are available to you now, with good systems in place.

Life is too short to wait and you don’t need a certain amount of money to start living the life you want. Your business will continue to grow and make money whether you have hit your desired savings number yet or not.

I removed myself from the day-to-day operations at age 27 with only $500k in the bank. Doing so allowed me to make way more money and design a life worth living. Freedom will make you more money than grinding.